Clerical Council Application Guide

Diocese of Mississauga Vancouver and Western Canada

Open a Case

If you are applying for an Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP), please follow the steps below:

  1. Both the Applicant and the Respondent of any case must read and familiarize themselves with Acknowledgement, Authorization and Consent Form. Both the Applicant and the Respondent will be asked to sign this form at their respective meetings with the Clerical Council in the presence and witness of one of the Fathers assigned to the case.
  2. Pay $100CAD Application Processing fee through the following link
  3. Complete the Application in its entirety and submit.

The application consists of the following main parts:

  • Applicant Information
  • Spouse Information
  • Children Information
  • Marriage & Divorce Information
  • Case Summary
  • Supporting Documents & Certificates
  • Declaration of Veracity
  • Authorization, Release and Waiver

All supporting documentation must accompany your application.

The completed Application and all supporting documentation must be submitted in person to:

Clerical Council
Archangel Michael and St. Tekla Church
12091 Hurontario St
Brampton, ON L6Z 4P8

All the above documents are to be handed over in person.

When the Council completes its review of the Application, the Applicant will be invited to a meeting with two of the Council’s member priests. Following the meeting with the Applicant, the Council will invite the Applicant’s spouse to a meeting to provide the spouse with an opportunity to share relevant information with the Council and to respond to any allegations made by the Applicant. To ensure confidentiality, substantive issues will not be discussed by telephone or email. E-mail will be used only for administrative purposes, including scheduling of meetings.


Once the Clerical Council for Family Affairs –resolves that an applicant is eligible for an Ecclesiastical marriage Permit (EMP), The MVWC will send the applicant a copy of Approval of Marriage Permit. The copy does not expire nor does it serve as an official Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit.

When the applicant intends to marry in the Coptic Orthodox Church, the applicant shall surrender the copy to the Coptic Orthodox priest who will officiate the marriage at least one month prior to the date of the Crowning Ceremony.

After the officiating priest affirms that the applicant has remained free of marriage impediments, he, the priest himself, shall request the applicant’s official Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP) from the MVWC.

The Clerical Council shall send the Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP) to the officiating priest directly or to his diocese headquarters.

The Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP) will only be issued once to the officiating priest. The Clerical Council will NOT reissue another permit or a copy thereof until it thoroughly investigates and determines the reasons.

No person can remarry in the Coptic Orthodox Church unless the Officiating Priest of the Crowning Ceremony is in physical possession of the Ecclesiastical Marriage Permit (EMP).

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